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Ethanol is not subsidized, is good choice for all

By Mark M. Palmer
Renewable Fuels Nebraska

Gerald Kosmicki’s June 25 letter attacking U.S. Sen. Deb Fischer for supporting ethanol displayed a complete lack of knowledge regarding current fuel economics. Unfortunately, many people like Mr. Kosmicki still believe that ethanol receives a tax subsidy. In reality, the ethanol tax credit was allowed to sunset nearly a decade ago. In fact, it is petroleum that continues to enjoy a number of tax preferences — and has done so for more than a century.

It is petroleum that is lobbying right now to prevent a higher blend of ethanol known as E15 from being a choice for Nebraskans during the busy summer months. Why? Because ethanol is the world’s cheapest source of fuel octane and petroleum knows it can’t compete even with its subsidies. Ethanol blends are higher octane and lower cost while reducing cancer-causing tailpipe emissions. It’s no wonder consumers choose them when given the choice and that petroleum interests are working overtime to prevent consumers from having that choice.

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